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Graham Dawson is visiting fellow in the Max Beloff Centre for the Study of Liberty at the University of Buckingham.


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Free Markets, Property Rights and Climate Change: How to Privatize Climate Policy

04/02/2011Libertarian Papers
Abstract: The goal has been to devise a strategy that protects as much as possible the rights and liberties of all agents, both users of fossil fuels and people whose livelihoods and territories are at risk if the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hypothesis is true. To achieve this goal the...


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Privatizing Climate Policy

The Environment

01/01/2010The Free Market
There is no secure foundation in climate science for the current policy rhetoric; governments simply lack the knowledge to operate climate-change policy effectively. Moreover, policy is based on the neoclassical economics assumption that climate change is a case of market failure. However, it is...


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