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A former computer programmer who wrote both mainframe and PC applications, Smith now spends his time between raising his grandson and writing.

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Auditing the Fed will Audit the State

The FedMoney and BanksTaxes and SpendingMoney and Banking

The Fed is a racket at heart, a con game writ large — what else can you call an organization with the exclusive privilege of printing money in the trillions and handing it over to friends? But if this is true, what does that say about the state, the organization that created and sanctions it? Is...
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Auditing the Fed Will Audit the State

The FedGold StandardInterventionismMonetary Theory

07/01/2009Mises Daily Articles
Any audit that exposes the Fed's relationship to the state will be worth doing, even if the Fed's friends keep it where it is.
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Murphy Sets the Record Straight

Booms and BustsThe FedFree MarketsInterventionism

06/16/2009Mises Daily Articles
True prosperity did not return until "the federal government relinquished its stranglehold on the American economy."
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The Case for Natural Money

Free MarketsMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

Studying Jörg Guido Hülsmann's latest book, The Ethics of Money Production , is a vastly enriching experience. After building his case for natural money on the inviolability of an individual's right to his own property, he then shows us how the state has spent the last 400 years usurping this right...
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The Case for Natural Money

The FedMoney and BanksGold StandardMonetary Theory

02/24/2009Mises Daily Articles
"By far the biggest fallacy is the belief that a growing economy requires a growing money supply."
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