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Gene Callahan is the author of Economics for Real People

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De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum

PraxeologyValue and Exchange

04/27/2001Mises Daily Articles
Neoclassical economists are apt to define away individual differences by packing them into a homogeneous category called "tastes." But this quarantines what economists should be studying.
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The Trouble With Efficiency

Production Theory

04/11/2001Mises Daily Articles
Interventionism is often justified on grounds of "efficiency," as defined by judges and economists who have no stake in the outcome of disputes over property rights. Gene Callahan explains the Austrian view.
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Basic Sowell

Monetary TheoryOther Schools of Thought

03/05/2001Mises Daily Articles
Thomas Sowell's new introductory text has its strengths, and texts that are friendly to the free market are too rare. Still, Austrian reviewer Gene Callahan has some reservations.
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Logical Economics vs. Mathematical Economics

Calculation and KnowledgeOther Schools of Thought

02/17/2001Mises Daily Articles
Contrary to mainstream theory, mathematics is not a fruitful means by which to understand real-world human action, writes Gene Callahan.
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The Structure of Capital

Capital and Interest TheoryProduction Theory

01/25/2001Mises Daily Articles
The Austrian concept of capital envisions not a great blob, but complex orders of goods interlocked in complementary structures, writes Gene Callahan.
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