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Finbar Feehan-Fitzgerald

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Finbar Feehan-Fitzgerald writes from Ireland.

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Multiple Currencies and Gresham’s Law in Zimbabwe

Money and BanksMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking

01/08/2015Mises Daily Articles
Zimbabwe, in the aftermath of years of hyperinflation, today has nine different currencies that are officially legal tender. The emerging system of multiple currencies offers a chance to make some interesting observations.
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Competing Currencies in Somalia

Global EconomyInterventionismMonetary Theory

08/01/2013Mises Daily Articles
A real-life example of concurrent currencies circulating absent any legal restrictions would contain some heuristic value. The real-life example is Somalia.
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Private Law in the Emerald Isle

Free MarketsLegal SystemWorld History

06/08/2012Mises Daily Articles
Brehon law was a private legal system in ancient Ireland that survived until the 17th century.
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