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Eric Phillips is a writer from Philadelphia, currently studying economic history in graduate school. He is the founder of the blog Notes & Observations. His articles have been featured on,,, and in Taki’s Magazine.

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What Crushed the Corn Laws?

Legal SystemWorld HistoryInterventionism

03/05/2018Mises Daily Articles
Restriction of the freedom of trade was, for members of the league, intimately connected with "landlordism" and the aristocracy.
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Military Spending and Bastiat's "Unseen"

Free MarketsTaxes and SpendingWar and Foreign PolicyInterventionism

02/29/2012Mises Daily Articles
Every dollar spent on the military is a dollar not spent or invested in the civilian economy.
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Economic Law vs. Occupy Wall Street

Other Schools of Thought

11/15/2011Mises Daily Articles
The protestors probably should have stayed in class, because their open letter to the professor betrays a formidable level of economic ignorance.
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Athens and the US: The Decline and Fall

05/12/2006Mises Daily Articles
The government of Athens was not as wise, efficient, or free as Pericles boasted, writes Eric Phillips.
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