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Eric Peters is a freelance Anarcho-Libertarian writer, who uses cars and bikes as the vehicle for making the case for freedom and self-ownership. His books include Road Hogs (2011) and Automotive Atrocities (2004). He has written for The Washington Times, Detroit News and Free Press, Investors Business Daily, The American Spectator, National Review, The Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal.

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The Constitution Does What it Was Written To Do — Expand Government Power

U.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

The purposely open-ended Commerce Clause and deliberately nebulous phrases such as “general welfare” are in there for a reason.
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Eric Peters: Anarcho Road Warrior

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureInterventionism

06/20/2014Mises Media
Jeff Deist and Eric Peters discuss the automobile as a symbol of libertarian autonomy.
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Supercar, Superscam

Big GovernmentFree Markets

08/01/1997The Free Market
Our domestic automakers produce fine cars and trucks that people freely choose to buy. They make lots of money doing this. So why is the federal government shoveling hundred of millions of dollars annually in corporate welfare their way?
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Dangers of Government Safety, The


02/01/1997The Free Market
Among the many excuses for government planning is that it makes life safer for one and all. The automobile bears the brunt of this central planning. Like most all interventions in the free market, the effect of mandates to make the car safer is nearly the opposite. Witness the recent air bag fiasco.
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War on Clunkers, The

The EnvironmentInterventionism

09/01/1996The Free Market
If there's anything a government bureaucrat hates more than the unhampered market, it's the automobile. He'll do anything to take it away from people, though of course he'll couch his true intentions in euphemistic banalities about "cleaning up the air."
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