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Edmond Bradley is a doctor of musical arts and composition, a gourmet-food specialist, and a former banker.

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The Corporate Form, Limited Liability, and the State

Corporate WelfareGlobal EconomyLegal System

12/24/2007Mises Daily Articles
The advantages of the corporate form — limited liability and raising capital — have been known for as long as mankind has had the technology to produce useful things whose production is too expensive for a single investor to handle.
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State Science is Bad for Your Health

03/10/2006Mises Daily Articles
Brad Edmonds reminds us that medical research, technology in general, indeed any human endeavor, can be a wonderful avenue for human progress provided it exists within the framework of freedom as versus state control.
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The Problem of Corporate Greed

Big GovernmentU.S. EconomyInterventionismProduction Theory

11/14/2003Mises Daily Articles
What free-marketeers don't always make explicit is that the government and media Chicken Littles are right in part: Corporations are indeed out to make a profit. Of this point we must first observe the first lesson of business economics, as taught by the classical school markets in the 18th century...
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Hubba Hubba Honda Honda

Production Theory

08/18/2003Mises Daily Articles
We invent great ideas, and the Japanese—Honda in particular—adopt them and put them to work.
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The Trouble with Forbes

The FedPolitical Theory

12/17/2001Mises Daily Articles
Steve Forbes, the wealthy publisher-presidential hopeful, can be an eloquent defender of free enterprise. But there's another side, too, which was revealed in a recent group discussion on economics that took place on Fox News Channel. Forbes's comments revealed a complete lack of understanding of...
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