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Daniel Lacalle

Daniel Lacalle, PhD, economist and fund manager, is the author of the bestselling books Freedom or Equality (2020), Escape from the Central Bank Trap (2017), The Energy World Is Flat​ (2015), and Life in the Financial Markets (2014).

He is a professor of global economy at IE Business School in Madrid.

Ranked as one of the top twenty most influential economists in the world in 2016 and 2017 by Richtopia, he holds the CIIA financial analyst title, with a postgraduate degree in higher business studies and a master’s degree in economic investigation. He is a member of the advisory board of the Rafael del Pino Foundation and Commissioner of the Community of Madrid in London.

Lacalle is a regular collaborator with CNBC, Bloomberg TV, BBC, Hedgeye, Seeking Alpha, Business Insider, Mises Institute, and the Epoch Times as well as an occasional consultant for the World Economic Forum, Focus Economics, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, and other major news publications around the world.

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Why Investors Are Obsessed with the Fed "Pivot"

The FedMoney and Banks

12/22/2022Mises Media
Investors should not care whether the Fed pivots or not if they analyze investment opportunities based on fundamentals and not on monetary laughing gas.
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Why Central Banks Will Choose Recession Over Inflation

Money and Banks

The “gas-prices excuse” for inflation will evaporate, and that will be the key test for central banks. The “supply chain excuse” has already disappeared, as has the "transient inflation" claim.
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Global Rate Hikes Hit the Wall of Debt Maturity

U.S. EconomyU.S. History


For decades, central banks have encouraged ever larger mountains of debt. But now the debtors face big problems as interest rates rise. Families and small business will pay the price.  

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Keynesian Policies Gave Us High Debt, Inflation, and Weak Growth

Global EconomyTaxes and Spending


The global economy is entering a recession because recent unprecedented government spending has zombified hugely indebted economies and has crowded out the private sector.

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Tax Cuts Do Not Cause Inflation. Printing Does.

Money and Banks


Cutting taxes does not add units of currency to the economy. It is the same quantity of currency only a bit more in the pocket of those who earned it.

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