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Bogdan C. Enache

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Bogdan C. Enache is an associated researcher with CADI, a free market–oriented think tank in Bucharest, Romania.

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Don't Bail Out Eastern Europe

Global EconomyInterventionismMoney and BankingOther Schools of Thought

03/24/2009Mises Daily Articles
A full-blown bailout of the banks responsible for making bad loans will only further an economic system of private profits and socialized losses.
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Starving the World's Poorest

Corporate WelfareFree MarketsInterventionism

05/28/2008Mises Daily Articles
This situation is not, however, a natural market phenomenon, but the direct result of various government programs — usually in the world's most developed economies, although developing countries are catching up — that aim to promote more environmentally friendly energy technology or energy self-...
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