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Atilla Sulker

Atilla Sulker is the Chief Strategy Officer at Blue Ocean, Inc., a Tallahassee-based company exploring novel applications of augmented reality to children's education. He is also a writer for the Washington Examiner, FEE, and the Mises Institute. He can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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How the Left Seized Higher Education

09/20/2020Power & Market
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A Strategy to Restore Liberal Education

09/08/2020Power & Market
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The School Shutdowns Remind Us Private Schools Really Are Better

05/22/2020Power & Market
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"Closing the Gender Gap" at Any Cost Threatens the Academic Integrity of STEM Education

01/06/2020Power & Market
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An Interview With Ron Paul’s "Faithless Elector"

07/08/2019Power & Market

Bill Greene, the 2016 faithless elector who cast his vote for Ron Paul, passed away. Among other things, Bill was a fierce advocate of making gold and silver legal tender, and was an assistant professor at South Texas College.

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