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Antony Sammeroff co-hosts the Scottish Liberty Podcast and has featured prominently on other libertarian themed shows including The Tom Woods Show, Johnny Rocket Launchpad, Lions of Liberty, School Sucks Podcast and many more. His first book on economics, Universal Basic Income - For and Against is set for release in August 2018 (foreword by Robert P. Murphy.) His previous self-help book Procrastination Annihilationis free to download from doit . Antony blogs on economic issues at http://seeingnotseen.blogspot. com/ and his articles have also been published by The Scottish Libertarian Party, The Cobden Centre, The Backbencher, The Rational Rise, and

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Can Government Make a Business Work "For The Good of Society"?

Big GovernmentLegal System


Rulings and regulations that force companies to keep unprofitable businesses operating "for the public good," are really a net loss for the public good.

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It's Time to Give Up on Britain's National Health Service


Britain used to be a world leader in health care innovation and quality. No longer.

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