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Alice Salles

Alice Salles was born and raised in Brazil but has lived in America for over ten years. She now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband Nick Hankoff and their three children.  

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Fear Makes It Easy for Governments to Expand Power

Big GovernmentHealthLegal System


Why are governments so enthusiastic about shutting down businesses when other less draconian measures are available and prudent? The answer lies in the fact that governments can act with near impunity and want to maximize their power.

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The Chinese Regime Has Made China's Woes Much Worse

Cronyism and CorporatismHealthSocialism


Whether we're talking public health or economic growth, the Chinese regime's love of intervention and centralization has led to one crisis after another.

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Robots Ready to Scoop Ice Cream Jobs


As Murray Rothbard so rightly put it, minimum wage laws translate into “compulsory unemployment.” They don't provide any jobs. They only outlaw them.

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Trump's Cuba Travel Ban Is A Wall Against Americans

06/06/2019Power & Market

The Trump administration is now taking steps to crack down again on private entrepreneurs who are just trying to provide goods and services in both the US and Cuba. As usual, this government meddling in markets will only impoverish more people.

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Social Security is Broke, Any "Fix" is a Joke

05/16/2019Power & Market
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