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IM—1776: Why You Should Read Ludwig von Mises


Writing for IM1776 today, Tho Bishop addressed the significance of Renato Moicano’s viral Mises moment:

Why was von Mises on the mind of Moicano? One factor relates to Moicano’s native Brazil. In 2016, popular protests against the corruption and economic mismanagement of Brazil’s socialist government, then led by Dilma Rousseff, resulted in Mises becoming the most widely searched economist in the country.

Marching activists held placards reading “Menos Marx, Mais Mises” — Less Marx, More Mises. More recently the new President of Argentina Javier Milei campaigned in part on the ideas of Mises and his students against the “parasites” of the professional political bureaucracy....

In a recent interview, Tucker Carlson asked Ron Paul why Paul’s college-aged supporters knew more about the consequences of the policies of the Federal Reserve than he himself did. Dr. Paul’s response was simple: his supporters had read Mises. So has Renato Moicano and so should anyone who cares about their nation.

The full article is available at this link.

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