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Joseph Salerno Appointed to Mises Institute’s New Peterson-Luddy Chair in Austrian Economics

Professor Joseph Salerno, Academic Vice President at the Mises Institute, was installed to the new Peterson-Luddy Chair in Austrian Economics on March 13, 2015 at the 2015 Austrian Economics Research Conference.

As the position’s inaugural appointee, Dr. Salerno will continue his work mentoring students, writing new books and scholarly articles, and overseeing the Mises Institute’s academic programs. The Petersron-Luddy Chair is made possible by the generosity of Robert L. Luddy and the late William H. Peterson.

“Dad would be thrilled to learn that Joe Salerno, a prolific and thoughtful scholar and dedicated teacher, will be the first to hold the Peterson-Luddy Chair,” Laura Bennett Peterson, an attorney, economist, and daughter of William Peterson, wrote in a statement. “I am grateful to Bob and to the Mises Institute for this living memorial to Dad and to the principles for which he fought.”

Dr. Salerno accepted the new position immediately following an academic panel at which a group of his former students, now faculty members at various universities, presented Dr. Salerno with a book of academic essays written in his honor. The new book, The Next Generation of Austrian Economics: Essays in Honor of Joseph T. Salerno, includes thirteen new essays by former Mises Institute fellows who have studied under Dr. Salerno.

“I am deeply honored and completely surprised by these important new essays from our former fellows,” Dr. Salerno said. “But I think the biggest honor these students have bestowed on me is the success they’ve obtained in their own rights as serious scholars and faculty members at mainstream universities.” 

Below: Robert Luddy presents Joe Salerno with a certificate commemorating his appointment to the Peterson-Luddy Chair in Austrian Economics.

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