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The Value of Money

  • The Value of Money by Tjardus Greidanus

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06/11/1932Tjardus Greidanus

From the author:

In the first section the theories of a number of writers, who have brought the value problem either nearer to or further from its solution, will be successively treated. In view of the immense volume of the material in the literature on money, only a limited choice from such writers was possible. Instead of trying to come anywhere near completeness, I will only endeavour to place a number of theories side by side, and over against each other, each with the qualities characteristic of it. In doing so my purpose is, on the one hand, to define the problem as closely as possible; for from the critical discussion of the characteristic features of each theory follows—sometimes just where this theory falls short—a closer specification of that side of the problem that was not brought to a complete solution. On the other hand, this discussion of different theories can provide both a justification for and an elucidation of my attempt to give a solution of my own. This attempt at a solution of the problem is dealt with in the second section of the book.


P.S. King and Son, Westminster, 1932

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