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Time, Uncertainty, and Disequilibrium: Exploration of Austrian Themes

  • Time, Uncertainty, and Disequalibirium by Mario Rizzo

Tags Praxeology

11/02/1979Mario J. Rizzo

The conceptualization of man as engaging in purposeful activity is inconceivable apart from the categories of cause and effect. Unless the means chosen can affect the ends desired in some way, there is no point at all to human action. The categories of cause and effect, in turn, imply the notions before and after. At this point, time has already entered the picture.

The majority of the papers making up this collection were originally presented at the Conference on Issues in Economic Theory: An Evaluation of Current Austrian Perspectives, held at New York University on January 7-8, 1978. The conference was sponsored by the Center for Applied Economics at New York University in cooperation with the Institute for Humane Studies (Menlo Park, California).

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Lexington: Lexington Books, 1979

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