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The State, The Enemy

The State, The Enemy by Sir Ernest Benn

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06/05/1953Sir Ernest Benn

From the author: 

The following pages are concerned with the re-statement of old principles illustrated by examples selected from the happenings of the last forty years. In the Welfare State manufacturing delays contrast strangely with the speed of political movements, and it is well-nigh impossible for comment of the kind I offer to be in all respects up-to-date by the time that it reaches the reader. Much of my material was collected in the winter of 1951–52 and, with a change of Government some of it may not exactly fit the circumstances of 1953.

It should be clearly understood that this book is an ex-parte statement in the case of The Man v. The State, and makes no pretense to examine the other side of the subject.



Ernest Benn Limited, London, 1953

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