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The Roots of the Social Security Myth

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06/01/2001John Attarian

John Attarian shows that the Social Security program is not an insurance program at all but rather a pure transfer scam designed to make the elderly dependent on the tax take from younger workers.

In a particular controversial section, the author shows how implausible so-called privatization is in the American context, and how the only path to reform involves dismantling this program completely. The complete text runs 50 pages.


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John Attarian

John Attarian, economist and journalist, and one of the leading experts on the history and economics of Social Security, died suddenly, December 31, 2004, at the age of 48. He was born November 25, 1956, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Economics in 1985. He worked as an independent writer, author, and novelist. His book Social Security: False Consciousness and Crisis (Transaction, 2003) is the most comprehensive treatment on the subject to appear yet, and makes a strong case against the program and against attempts to employ the language of privatization in an attempt to shore up it up.

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