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The Real Ron Paul Revolution

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08/31/2012Dan Sanchez
If there was any doubt that Ron Paul was not going to win the Republican nomination for the presidency, it was undeniably removed when on Tuesday Mitt Romney received the 1,144 delegates needed to clinch it.

Does that mean Ron Paul failed? No. It is an open secret that the campaign was really about education all along. And in that regard, Ron Paul's campaign was wildly successful. Chances are, any young libertarian you meet today will tell you that their chief influence in becoming a libertarian was Ron Paul. Ron Paul has swelled the ranks of the liberty movement to a greater extent than perhaps any other individual in history. If that's not success, I don't know what is.

Where should the energy of the Ron Paul rEVOLution be directed next? What cause is the most appropriate successor to the Ron Paul campaign? Another national political campaign? No, because, again, the Ron Paul campaign was never chiefly about winning office in the first place. Moreover, real, lasting progress toward liberty cannot be achieved through the offices of a gargantuan state. The most appropriate successor to a campaign of ideas is another campaign of ideas.

And which nonprofit, educational organization is most in harmony with Ron Paul's message? You're looking at it. Ron Paul is an ardent adherent of the Austrian School of economics, a champion of private-property rights, and a fierce critic of the Federal Reserve, fractional-reserve banking, and militarism. And the Ludwig von Mises Institute has been at the forefront and on the same side as Paul with all these issues for 30 years. That is why Ron Paul will be speaking at our Supporter's Summit this October.

Ron Paul's legacy is not in his legislative record but in the number of minds he changed. The way to perpetuate his legacy, then, is to continue — and ramp up — the "Paulian" educational campaign. And the most Paulian nonprofit educational organization in the world is the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

We have a lot of exciting things planned (overhauling the website, new ambitious programs, and more), but we need your support to see them through. Please help us finish what Ron Paul started. Help us bring to fruition an ideological revolution for liberty, property, and peace.

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