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David Gordon

The book 'Visions of Inequality' is a thinly veiled polemic against supporters of the free market, who, according to Branko Milanovic, disguise the reality of class in order to defend the interests of the rich and powerful.

David Gordon

 “I was appalled when one of my new [American] colleagues proclaimed that ‘government is theft.’ I had grown up in a country [Scotland] where I, my parents, and our friends saw the government as benevolent."

Joseph T. Salerno

The proper strategy is to design economic policies that are consistent with the individualist, private-property, free-market institutional framework. Any monetary system in which politics plays a decisive role will be operated according to the ideology of government officials subject to the pressure of public opinion.

Mises Institute
The Mises Institute’s Supporters Summit was dedicated to one of the most important issues of our times: the end of the dollar era. Topics ranged from crimes of the regime's medical tyranny, the fiscal insolvency promoted by Washington's uniparty, the cultural costs of a debt-financed economy, the costly failures of American monetary policy, the risks posed by the Federal Reserve's plans, and questions for a future monetary system. Enjoy excerpts from some of the important lectures.
Ryan McMaken

In our featured article by Dr. Joseph Salerno exposes the phony debate over fiat money and policy “rules” at the Federal Reserve. For years, many defenders of the Fed have told us that we can fix central banking with special rules for when the Fed should ease or tighten the money supply. What really has to change is how central bankers view easy money. Central bankers do so much damage because they have bad ideas.