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New Directions in Austrian Economics

  • New Directions in Austrian Economics by Louis Spadaro

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11/22/1978Louis M. Spadaro

This collection first appeared in the midst of the American Austrian revival, and its insights are constantly culled by modern students. In it, Austrian economists examine technical aspects of money, interest, capital and business cycles, and property rights, plus theoretical areas like econometrics, uncertainty, social cost, and more.

This volume includes:

  • An Austrian Stocktaking: Unsettled Questions and Tentative Answers (Ludwig M. Lachmann)
  • The Austrian Method (John B. Egger)
  • Praxeology and Econometrics: A Critique of Positivist Economics (Mario J. Rizzo)
  • Economics and Error (Israel M. Kirzner)
  • The Problem of Social Cost (S.C. Littlechild)
  • A Critique of Neoclassical and Austrian Monopoly Theory (D.T. Armentano)
  • Spontaneous Order and the Coordination of Economic Activities (Gerald P. O'Driscoll, Jr.)
  • Austrian Definitions of the Supply of Money (Murray N. Rothbard)


Sheed Andrews and McMeel, Inc., Kansas City, 1978

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