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Money, Method, and the Market Process

Money, Method, and the Market Process by Mises

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07/31/1990Ludwig von MisesRichard M. Ebeling

This volume might be called the Mises Reader, for it contains a wide sampling of his academic essays on money, trade, and economic systems. Some of them, like "Observations on the Cooperative Movement," have not been published previously. Others, like "The Idea of Liberty Is Western," have already made their mark on intellectual history.

Brought together by Mrs. Mises after her husband's death, and edited with an introduction by Richard Ebeling, this volume fills an important gap in providing an overview of Ludwig von Mises's best academic work. For that reason, this book is already widely used in graduate courses and seminars on the resurgence of the Austrian School.


    Ludwig von Mises

    Ludwig von Mises was the acknowledged leader of the Austrian school of economic thought, a prodigious originator in economic theory, and a prolific author. Mises's writings and lectures encompassed economic theory, history, epistemology, government, and political philosophy. His contributions to economic theory include important clarifications on the quantity theory of money, the theory of the trade cycle, the integration of monetary theory with economic theory in general, and a demonstration that socialism must fail because it cannot solve the problem of economic calculation. Mises was the first scholar to recognize that economics is part of a larger science in human action, a science that he called praxeology.

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    Richard M. Ebeling is the BB&T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel.


    Selected by Margit von Mises and edited with an introduction by Richard M. Ebeling. Auburn, Ala: The Ludwig von Mises Institute, Norwell, Mass.: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1990.