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Mises: An Annotated Bibliography

  • Mises: An Annotated Bibliography by Bettina Bien Greaves

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03/29/1993Bettina Bien Greaves

An essential companion to all of Mises's works, this easy-to-use bibliography covers his life from Vienna to New York. It provides summaries of his works and detailed publication information--a real treasure trove.

A special treat is the extensive coverage of what others from all political perspectives said about Mises's work as it appeared. In a flurry of lousy predictions, for example, socialists said Mises was wrong about central planning. This is a tribute to Mises and an important addition to any library.

This volume includes:

  • Preface (Margit von Mises)
  • Introduction
  • Vita
  • Book Numbers
  • Books and Monographs by Ludwig von Mises
  • Articles by Ludwig von Mises
  • Audiocassette Tapes by Ludwig von Mises
  • Excerpts from Works by Ludwig von Mises
  • Reviews of Books by Ludwig von Mises
  • Books and Articles About Ludwig von Mises (1909-1981)
  • Index to Publications and Authors of Articles and Reviews


The Foundation for Economic Education, New York, 1993

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