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Lessons for the Young Economist Teacher's Manual

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02/29/2012Robert P. Murphy

This is the teacher's manual to accompany the student textbook, Lessons for the Young Economist.

The manual follows the student text very closely (the student text is needed separately, either in physical form or PDF). For each section within a chapter, the manual may give the historical context, clarify the relationship between what the student is learning from the text compared to a typical college textbook, warn about possible confusions the student may encounter, or give links for further reading for the teacher’s own edification (not necessarily to be assigned to the student).

In addition, this manual provides thorough answers to the study Questions found at the back of each Lesson in the student text. The manual also lists optional supplemental materials, such as free online videos, audio lectures, and readings, along with instructions as to their level of difficulty and relevance. The manual also provides sample tests and even suggested activities (ideal for homeschooling parents) to illustrate the concepts in each chapter.

The manual can be used by any teacher, but it is ideal for the homeschooling parent who needs guidance in developing a curriculum for the junior high student involving economics.

Test answers to the Teachers Manuel are available in print form.


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