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How to Keep Our Liberty

How to Keep Our Liberty by Raymond Moley

Tags Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

02/27/1952Raymond Moley

From the author:

The people of this nation are today presented with a choice between two forms of political and economic life. One form is that of our traditions, in which individual liberty prevails and is guarded by "the long, still grasp of law." The other is the dominance of the state in human affairs. With us the intrusion of the state is not a frightening threat. but a seemingly benign alternative to the perplexities, the anxieties, and the labors that must attend the possession of true liberty. My purpose is to describe this alternative and, for those who prefer liberty, to offer the means for its preservation. Merely t<> bewail a trend is not to correct it. The American wants to know what to do about it.



1952 New York. Alfred A. Knopf, 1952