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Free Market Economics: A Syllabus

Free Market Economics: Syllabus by Greaves

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01/01/1975Bettina Bien Greaves

This is a complete economics education for high-school age students. It provides lessons, study questions, activities, and an excellent list of readings for each topic under consideration. Bettina chose well because the readings all hold up, even though the syllabus came out in 1974. It still works as an excellent course in economics.

It is meant to be used alongside the book of readings also available from Together the set will put any student on the road to a lifetime of economic understanding.

Bettina Greaves was Mises's secretary and assistant but also an excellent economist in her own right.



Bettina Bien Greaves

Bettina Bien Greaves was a senior scholar of the Ludwig von Mises Institute, she attended Ludwig von Mises's New York University seminar and worked with Mises as his assistant for many years.


Irvington, NY: FEE, 1974.