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A Foreign Policy for Americans

A Foreign Policy For Americans by Robert Taft

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12/18/1952Robert A. Taft

The Senator From Ohio Substitutes Same Analysis For Expediency

Written in 1951, Taft argued that the freedom of the people of the United States was — as it is now — in serious danger from the foreign and domestic policies of the political class.

From the foreword:

Today we face threats to our liberty and moral foundation from abroad and from our foreign and domestic programs. Distance has been so diminished by the airplane, and weapons have become so destructive, that this threat must be met on a world scale. If we are foolish in our use of our strength, we shall not survive; and with our freedom will disappear the little that remains of freedom in the rest of the world.


Robert A. Taft

Robert Taft (1889-1953) was a US senator from Ohio.


NY: Doubleday, 1951