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The Decline of American Liberalism

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06/01/1967Arthur A. Ekirch Jr.

One of the most striking facts about American history is how in a country born in old-style liberalism, the meaning of liberalism would not only change but be completely upended: liberalism now means its opposite. In this massively important work of intellectual history, historian Arthur Ekirch explains that the change is bound up with attitudes towards militarism. It is an important event that this work, first published in 1967, is now in a new, modernized edition.


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Arthur A. Ekirch Jr.

Arthur A. Ekirch Jr. was a leading scholar of American intellectual history and professor emeritus of history at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Albany. Ekirch was a prolific author, writing 10 books, dozens of articles, and more than 100 book reviews.