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Confessions of a Capitalist

Confessions of a Capitalist by Sir Ernest Benn

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06/05/1925Sir Ernest Benn

From the author:

Three things may be said about this book upon which there must, I think, be general agreement, and I mention them to save my critics trouble.

The first is that the book is in bad taste, dealing as it does with matters which, by common consent, are not usually written or talked about. Secondly, the book aspires, to no literary merit. The matter of it has been dictated in the manner of commercial correspondence and no attempt has been made to shield bald fact behind art or style. And thirdly, the book and the arguments it contains are decidedly materialistic. That is not because I am unconscious of the ethical side of all these problems, but because I am concerned for the moment with the more practical aspect of affairs.

I have endeavored to put a point of view which is all too little considered in modern discussions, and without which, so it seems to me, all discussions of the common wealth must be futile and dangerous.