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Capitalism and the Advance of Women

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08/24/2011Wendy McElroy
Mises Academy: Wendy McElroy teaches Capitalism and the Advance of Women

No force in society empowers a woman more than the right to own property, including in her own person, and to trade freely for profit. This course celebrates the indispensable role of capitalism in the liberation of women. It presents the lively voices of women who have embraced the benevolence and power of laissez-faire capitalism in their writings for over three centuries. The course sets a context for these voices through a historical overview of key periods, such as the Industrial Revolution, when women advanced in bounds toward equality. The last two lectures focus on contemporary issues — e.g. affirmative action, minimum wage — that attack the very basis of what women require for their well-being. Not egalitarianism but economic equality. Not political control but freedom.


The video lectures are online.  Lectures will be 7:00-8:30 pm Eastern Time on Thursday evenings starting January 26. They will be recorded and made available for enrolled students to download.


All readings for the course will be free and available online.

Grades and Certificates

The final grade will depend on quizzes.  Taking the course for a grade is optional.  The Mises Academy is currently not accredited, but this course is worth 3 credits in our own internal system.  Feel free to ask your school to accept Mises Academy credits.  You will receive a digital Certificate of Completion for this course if you take it for a grade, and a Certificate of Participation if you take it on a paid-audit basis.

Refund Policy

If you drop the course during its first week (7 calendar days), you will receive a full refund, minus a $25 processing fee.  If you drop the course during its second week, you will receive a half refund.  No refunds will be granted following the second week.

Wendy McElroy

Wendy McElroy is the author of several books on both libertarian history and individualist (classical liberal) feminism as well as dozens of historical documentaries. A weekly columnist for the Mises Institute, she worked several years as an editorial contributor for FOX News.



Contact Wendy McElroy

Wendy McElroy is a Canadian individualist anarchist and individualist feminist. She was a cofounder along with Carl Watner and George H. Smith of The Voluntaryist magazine in 1982.

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