The Economic Mind in American Civilization: 1606-1865, Volume One

Joseph Dorfman

In America as elsewhere, economic thought is an integral part of culture. Its richness and the reach of its relevance can be appreciated fully only when it is treated in its natural habitat of practical affairs and intellectual endeavor. It grows by constant crossbreeding with other species of learning and speculation. Since in the final analysis men’s minds may be read most clearly in their actions, the practical ambitions and political interests of the molders of economic thought must constantly be kept in view by those who seek to understand what successive generations have put into the public record.

This detailed history of American economic thought from colonial times to 1933 is based on extensive, systematic research into not only printed publications but also elusive archival material including papers and letters. In many instances Dormfan provides the first comprehensive account of a writer’s life and work. Volumes I and II cover 1606–1865, Volume III 1865–1918, and Volumes IV and V 1918–1933.

The Economic Mind in American Civilization
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Augustus M. Kelley, Publishers, New York, 1966