This Bread is Mine

Robert LeFevre

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A number of definitions of socialism are currently in vogue. Since there are various ways of defining this most important term, something other than a definition is in order. What is desirable is a framework of reference in which to set the definition. Conflicting definitions cancel out each other’s usefulness. By examining the background, history and connotations of socialism it may be possible to winnow out the inconsistencies of divergent -definitive terms and come at last to view socialism not so much as a single point on the landscape but as a panoramic whole. By such an approach it is hoped that a desire to grapple with socialism intellectually, rather than to react to it emotionally, will be encouraged.

This Bread Is Mine by Robert Lefevre
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Robert LeFevre

Robert LeFevre (1911–1986) ran the Freedom School and Rampart College, founded in 1957. He had a legendary impact on a whole generation of libertarians. LeFevre’s complete audio archives is available in Mises Media.

Mises Daily Robert LeFevre
Currently in the United States, although we praise private ownership of the land as the bulwark of our system of land ownership, the taxes levied actually perpetuate a kind of collectivity in ownership.
Mises Daily Robert LeFevre
By no process of the mind can the owner of the slave cause the slave to flex a single muscle. The only process open to the slave owner is to impose force or the threat of force.
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American Liberty Press, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1960