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Monetary Policy Flapping in the Wind

Monetary Theory

09/15/2020The Austrian
Professor Stephanie Kelton is the leading light of a bizarre proposal known as modern monetary theory. Government deficits are a “myth,” because they don’t matter, because they never need to be repaid. Gordon disabuses this magical thinking.
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2020: The 1960s Redux?

ProgressivismU.S. History

09/11/2020The Austrian
Amity Shlaes has read Mises and the Austrians, and understands property as the foundation for civilization. She is an expert on the criminally underrated Calvin Coolidge, and a devastating critic of Hoover and FDR’s Great Society schemes. Shlaes is the rare historian who understands economics.
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The Left Gets Capitalism Wrong. Yet Again

Political Theory

06/03/2020The Austrian
The book’s main thesis can be summarized as: The choice the world faces is between two varieties of capitalism, liberal meritocratic and political. America is the foremost example of the first of these, and China of the second.
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Exploring the Fallout from the 2020 Panic

Bureaucracy and RegulationEconomic FreedomThe FedSocialism

06/03/2020The Austrian
In this issue of The Austrian, we provide highlights from some of the most important and salient articles published on during the unprecedented crisis of 2020.
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Bigness Is Badness: The Case for a National Divorce

Book ReviewsDecentralization and Secession

03/23/2020The Austrian
Buckley does an excellent job of outlining the problems with large centralized states. But he ends up calling for “secession lite,” that is to say, mere devolution of power to the states and localities. I wish he had moved in the other direction and explored the ways people can solve their problems...
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Hoppe: The In-Depth Interview

BiographiesSocialismPrivate Property

02/28/2020The Austrian
Hans-Hermann Hoppe is a compelling figure: bold in his arguments, unstinting in his criticisms, and razor sharp with language and definitions. This interview goes in depth on a variety of subjects, many of which he seldom discusses publicly.
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The Left's Plan to Make Cities More Powerful


01/28/2020The Austrian
Why both urban and rural regions should be self-governing: "As long as people with strong preferences are clustered conveniently into different jurisdictions, decentralization can, at least in theory, increase the number of people who are satisfied with government policy."
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Jeff Deist: The Tom Woods Interview


01/22/2020The Austrian
A fun interview which looks back on the Ron Paul Revolution, and provides insight into how he crafted a populist message for ordinary people across the country tired of top-down bureaucratic control from DC.
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How Entrepreneurs Build the World

EducationThe EntrepreneurSocialism

11/14/2019The Austrian
Prof. Bylund discusses his native Sweden, and why we can't understand economics without understanding the entrepreneur, and how the entrepreneur is absolutely central and essential to a growing economy.
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A Deeply Flawed History of the Austrian School

Austrian Economics OverviewHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

11/12/2019The Austrian
Wasserman has brought to light substantial archival material on the background of the Austrian school. But his conclusions are deeply flawed, a s Wasserman is beyond his depth when he writes about theoretical issues.
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