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Austrian Capital Theory and the Undeveloped Areas: An Overview

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07/20/2005Sudha R. Shenoy

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Sudha R. Shenoy

Sudha Shenoy (1943–2008) was a lecturer in economic history at the University of Newcastle, Australia. She held visiting posts at California State University, Hayward; Ohio University, Athens; George Mason University; and the Mises Institute. She was the author of India: Progress or Poverty (London, IEA, 1971), Underdevelopment and Economic Growth (London: Longman, 1970), and articles in the South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences and other journals, as well as book chapters. She is also the editor of A Tiger By the Tail: The Keynesian Legacy of Inflation by F.A. Hayek. See her interview in the Austrian Economics Newsletter.


Austrian Economics: Perspectives on the Past and Prospects for the Future. Champions of Freedom: The Ludwig von Mises Lecture Series Volume 17. Richard Ebeling, Ed. Hillsdale College: Hillsdale College Press, 1991, pp. 379-423.