American Affairs 1945-1950

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American Affairs, Volume VII, Number 1


Tags War and Foreign Policy

11/07/2007Garet Garrett

National Industrial Conference Board American Affairs, Vol VII, no 1, 1945


Flight from the Free Market, Virgil Jordan; France Takes the New Road, De Gaulle at Lille; Policy of Wealth in Twenty Points, The Economist; Modern Governments Must, Marriner S. Eccles; Chester Bowles; Mythologies of Reconversion, Garet Garrett; Who Will Guarantee Work? Leo Wolman; Extreme Case against Unionism, Henry C. Simons; Unionism as a Moral Imperative, Bernard J. Shiel; The Closed Shop in Three States; Congress Resolves to Overtake Government; The Bitter Fruits of Teheran, Isaac Don Levine; Critical Report on Bretton Woods; Notes on the Foreign Trade Complex A.M.P.; Farmers and Bankers in One Boat W. Randolph Burgess; Books: G.G.; The World That Might Have Been; Apothegms from "The Road to Serfdom"; Emotional Experiences of James P. Warburg; Enterprise in Soviet Russia An Interview; The Unresisted Shackle William E. Russell.

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