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American Affairs, Volume VII, Number 1

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11/07/2007Garet Garrett

National Industrial Conference Board American Affairs, Vol VII, no 1, 1945


Garet Garrett

Garet Garrett (1878–1954) was an American journalist and author who was noted for his critiques of the New Deal and US involvement in the Second World War.


Flight from the Free Market, Virgil Jordan; France Takes the New Road, De Gaulle at Lille; Policy of Wealth in Twenty Points, The Economist; Modern Governments Must, Marriner S. Eccles; Chester Bowles; Mythologies of Reconversion, Garet Garrett; Who Will Guarantee Work? Leo Wolman; Extreme Case against Unionism, Henry C. Simons; Unionism as a Moral Imperative, Bernard J. Shiel; The Closed Shop in Three States; Congress Resolves to Overtake Government; The Bitter Fruits of Teheran, Isaac Don Levine; Critical Report on Bretton Woods; Notes on the Foreign Trade Complex A.M.P.; Farmers and Bankers in One Boat W. Randolph Burgess; Books: G.G.; The World That Might Have Been; Apothegms from "The Road to Serfdom"; Emotional Experiences of James P. Warburg; Enterprise in Soviet Russia An Interview; The Unresisted Shackle William E. Russell.