President's Impact Report — Third Quarter 2023

Mises Scholars

Tate Fegley and Karl-Friedrich Israel were named Mises Fellows for their work in research and teaching. Both Dr. Fegley and Dr. Israel are former summer Fellows.

Tate Fegley was awarded The Gary G. Schlarbaum Prize For excellence in research and teaching for a promising young scholar at the 2023 Mises University.

Mises University

This July, almost 100 students from around the world gathered in Auburn, Alabama for the Best Week of the Year. The event was kicked off with a special virtual appearance by our mystery guest, Dr. Hans-Hermann Hoppe, who offered a deep dive into the proper methodology of the social sciences.

The rest of the week featured a schedule with some of the greatest Austrian scholars of the age, discussing topics such as money, banking, inflation, the market for security, and the history of cronyism in America. Special speakers included Ben Koether, Karen Kwiatkowski, and Steve Berger, who shared their experiences fighting the state from outside of academia.

Every year, Mises University students have the opportunity to test their knowledge of Austrian economics with an option oral exam. This year’s finalists were:

Douglas E. French First Prize for First Place James Garagnon
The Kenneth Garschina Prize for Second Place Joseph Rich
The Kenneth Garschina Prize for Third Place Adam Morys

Our Mises University faculty this year included:

Dr. Per Bylund
Dr. Lucas Engelhardt
Dr. Tate Fegley
Dr. David Gordon
Dr. Jeff Herbener
Dr. Karl-Friedrich Israel
Dr. Peter Klein
Dr. Sandra Klein
Dr. Jonathan Newman
Dr. Patrick Newman
Dr. Shawn Ritenour
Dr. Joseph Salerno
Dr. Timothy Terrell
Dr. Mark Thornton

Mises Book Club

In September, the Mises Institute introduced the Mises Book Club, which aims to encourage in-depth understanding of Austrian economics and the arguments for a free society. Dr. Jonathan Newman has led two groups of undergraduate students through Murray Rothbard’s influential work, For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto, with both virtual and in-person meetings.

The decision to use this book was motivated by its 50th anniversary and its reputation as a great introduction to libertarian ideas. Although written in the 1970s, much of it is relevant to current social, cultural, and economic challenges. Students have enjoyed discussing their thoughts on how Rothbard would respond to current issues.

Mises Apprenticeship

The Mises Institute launched its Mises Apprenticeship program in July, featuring five talented content creators. Led by Content Manager Tho Bishop, Mises Apprentices have weekly sessions with Mises Institute faculty, scholars, and professionals engaged in the battle of ideas.

Our Mises Apprentices have published numerous articles for the Mises Wire, most of which have been republished in additional outlets. They are also creating content on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to help reach the younger generation with the ideas of the Austrian School.

Mises Events

Medical Freedom Summit

In August, the Mises Institute hosted Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty at our Medical Freedom Summit in New Hampshire. Both men spoke out against the bio-medical security state and the pharmaceutical industrial complex. Mises supporters from around the country made the trip to listen to these brave men speak.

Dr. McCullough’s speech has quickly become one of the most popular videos on our YouTube channel, while Dr. Kheriaty’s was deemed too controversial for Big Tech and is available on alternative platforms.

Special thanks to Joe and Tracy Matarese for making this event possible.

Against Our Limitless Regime: An Empire of Lies

In September, the Mises Institute held a special event in Nashville, Tennessee, dedicated to the lies of the regime. The event featured a number of bold truthtellers, attacking a variety of the false narratives from Washington. The lineup included Dr. Jonathan Newman, Dr. Michael Rectenwald, Dr. Ted Galen Carpenter, and Karen Kwiatkowski.

Special thanks to Bryan Lee Briggs for making this event possible.


The Mises Bookstore introduced a new arrival, Principles of Economics by Saifedean Ammous

Mises Media

Fueling a Freer Future, our latest Mises animated video, was completed during this quarter. The series focused on one of the most important debates in the world today: proper energy policy and debunking the anti-human hysteria of climate change.

This nine-video series was made possible thanks to the generosity of Mr. Jim Kluttz

Top 10 Podcasts and Lecture Audio

Exposing the FBI Coverup of Biden Corruption (The Human Action Podcast) 30,928 downloads
Soft landing? Not Likely (The Human Action Podcast) 28,834
Is Javier Milei Argentina’s Ron Paul Moment? (Radio Rothbard) 27,159
MMT’s Warren Mosler Argues Fed Rate Hikes Cause Growth and Inflation (The Human Action Podcast) 26,499
The Political Consequences of the Welfare State | Ludwig von Mises (1958) 26,324
Language and the Inflation Debates | Ludwig von Mises (1958) 25,927
The Classical-Liberal Roots of Marxist Class Analysis | Ralph Raico (1988) 25,414
The Mirage of “Equal Pay” in Sports (The Human Action Podcast) 23,458
How the Fed Could Bring in a CBDC through the Back Door (The Human Action Podcast) 22,895
Regime Paranoia and the Crackdown on Dissent (Radio Rothbard) 22,202

Top 10 YouTube Videos

Modern Medicine’s Great Controversy | Dr. Peter McCullough 75,438
What Is Capitalism? (2020) 17,344
What is Economics? (2020) 14,807
Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve (2006) 8,967
What Is Socialism? (2021) 7,840
After #MeToo, Men Begin Avoiding Female Co-Workers (2018) 7,386
Reflections on Method: The Proper Study of Man | Hans-Hermann Hoppe (2023) 7,338
The Creature from Jekyll Island (2022) 7,317
Is Javier Milei Argentina’s Ron Paul Moment? 7,100
The Founding of the Federal Reserve | Murray N. Rothbard (1984) 5,725

Top 10 Video Views

The True Fossil Fuel Crisis 248,594
How Fossil Fuels Saved the World 235,852
The Green Energy Lie 224,118
Real Alternatives to Fossil Fuels 171,752
Why Almost Everyone Who Talks about Energy Is Wrong 151,775
The Population Bomb and Other Disasters 119,989
The Green Road to Serfdom 118,243
The Green New Deal 69,747
Economics for Beginners 36,244

Top 10 PDFs

Human Action 114,680
The Theory of Money and Credit 25,926
Leftism: From de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse 21,294
On the Origins of Money 19,683
Progress and Poverty 14,828
Back Door to War: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy, 1933–1941 13,393
Nationalokonomie Theorie des Handelns und Wirtschaftens 13,183
Introduction to Economics 12,924
The Austrian, July-August, 2023 12,362
La sabiduria de los estoicos 9,757

Mises Wire

Top Performing New Articles on the Mises Wire

America’s Big Three Entitlement Bankruptcies Are Inevitable by Stephen Anderson
Lots of Red Ink at the Fed by Alex J. Pollock
Wind and Solar Are NOT Cheaper than Coal and Oil by Connor Mortell
The BRICS Currency Project Picks Up Speed by Thorsten Polleit
Welcome to the Twenty-First Century American Bankruptcy Show by Stephen Anderson
Social Justice and the Free-Rider Problem by Jeffery Marshall
The Coming Collapse of the Global Ponzi Scheme by George Ford Smith
China Enters the Doom Loop by Peter St. Onge
Credit Crunch: The Money Supply Has Shrunk For Eight Months In a Row by Ryan McMaken
Yellow Trucking Goes Bankrupt, Thanks in Part to Onerous Labor Laws by Connor O’Keeffe

Top Performing Articles in Spanish

La estrategia populista de Javier Milei en Argentina está funcionando by Philipp Bagus
4 razones de por qué el socialismo falla by Antony Mueller
Acción humana: Un resumen capítulo por capítulo by Martin Stefunko
¿Era Hitler realmente de derecha? by Rainer Zitelmann
La escuela de Chicago versus la escuela austriaca by Robert Murphy