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Virtual Mises University 2020

Virtual Mises University 2020

July 12, 2020July 18, 2020

Tags Austrian Economics Overview

Enroll in 2020's Virtual Mises University for only $20 — free for Mises Institute Members (use your promo code on the back of your Membership card).

For almost thirty years, Mises Institute scholars have presented Mises University, a world-class, week-long, intensive mini-university in Austrian economics. Virtual Mises University is the online component of this seminar for students, professionals, business people, absolutely anyone, anywhere who is interested in the pursuit of economic truth. For Virtual Mises U, there is no time limit, and students can log-on for independent study.

Anyone who desires this in-depth experience online, can enroll in Virtual Mises U for $20 — or free with a Mises Institute membership code. As an enrolled student, you can watch live and archived lectures, review and download lecture slides, utilize a full list of all required readings (just like the on-site attendees), and earn a certificate of completion.

Virtual Mises University 2020 is now open for pre-registration. In your confirmation email, you will receive a unique password to access the VMU landing page.

Please note that lecture materials and live streaming will not be available until Mises University begins on July 12, 2020. However, you may access the suggested reading materials in preparation for the course.

Special thanks to the Richard E. Fox Foundation and an anonymous donor for making Virtual Mises University possible.


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