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The Great Reset: Mises in Birmingham

Mises Birmingham Event

April 22, 2023Birmingham, AL

In recent years, Americans have suffered from the horrors of covid tyranny, government-directed corporate censorship, and now our current banking crisis. The global elite have never been more obvious in their intentions for the greater control over society. Their aim is further consolidation of power and wealth into the hands of radical ideologues and to transform almost every aspect of human society. 

They are not subtle in their ambition. They call it The Great Reset.

Join the Mises Institute in Birmingham, Alabama for an event dedicated to this global threat. Speakers include Dr. Michael Rectenwald, author of The Great Reset and the Struggle of Liberty. One of the most prominent critics of woke capital, Dr. Rectenwald has been featured on Tucker Carlson, The Ingraham Angle, War Room with Steve Bannon, and is a regular contributor to the Mises Wire

This event will be held at the Cahaba Brewing Co., 4500 5th Avenue, S Building C, Birmingham, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Registration is $50 and includes a catered lunch.

Special thanks to Mark Walker for sponsoring this event.


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