The COVID Crash: A Webinar with Daniel Lacalle

The COVID Crash
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Join the Mises Institute and economist Daniel Lacalle for a special live seminar on the COVID-19 crisis and what it means for your economic future. This webinar takes place on Friday, May 15th at 2PM EDT.

Is the world headed for another Great Depression, or will we enjoy a V-shaped recovery later this year as the virus fades and economies reopen? Are governments and central banks making the situation better or worse? Will stocks bounce back? Do we all face a less prosperous new normal, or will markets and human ingenuity overcome the economic tailwinds?

Mr. Lacalle and host Jeff Deist will take an unflinching look at the economic reality, and you don’t want to miss this event!

Topics include:

  • Prospects for inflation vs. deflation
  • Fed and ECB responses to the crisis
  • Effects of government “stimulus”
  • Unemployment and small business
  • Housing and commercial real estate
  • Equities and bonds
  • Oil and commodities
  • Gold and Bitcoin

Mr. Lacalle will take questions from the audience via live chat, so please come prepared for a dynamic presentation by one of the best “on the ground” analysts who understands both the theory and the numbers.

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