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Austrian Scholars Conference 8

Austrian Scholars Conference

March 16, 2002Auburn, Alabama

Tags Big GovernmentBusiness Cycles

Pre-Conference Discussion on New Books

  • Thomas DiLorenzo (Loyola College): The Real Lincoln: a New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and Unnecessary War (Prima Publishing, 2002)
  • Roger Garrison (Auburn University) : Time and Money: Macroeconomics of Capital Structure (Routledge, 2000)
  • Hans-Hermann Hoppe (University of Nevada, Las Vegas): Democracy: The God that Failed (Transaction Publishers, 2001)

Morning Seminar:  "Defending the Undefendable": Walter Block (Loyola University) in session with students from Georgia College & State University

Welcoming Remarks: Jeffrey Herbener (Grove City College)

Named Lectures



Austrian Microeconomics

Explorations in the Public Choice Theory of Government

Libertarian Theory and History

Banking and Business Cycles

Austrian Critiques of Neoclassical Economics

The Theory of Interventionism

American Economic and Political History

Austrian Monetary Theory and Modern Finance

Value Theory

Method, Philosophy, and Politics 

The Civil War as Religious and Political Crisis

The Development of the Austrian Tradition

Applied Austrian Economics

Chicago and the Question of Efficiency

Economics and War

Liberty, Tradition, and Faith


Publicity Waiver: Registering for this event gives the Mises Institute permission to take photos of attendees and use the photos for fundraising purposes. By this authorization, attendees understand and agree that no participant shall receive remuneration and that all rights, title and interest to the photos and use of them belongs to the Mises Institute.

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