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Austrian Scholars Conference 2004

Austrian Scholars Conference

March 18, 2004March 20, 2004
Auburn, Alabama

Tags Big GovernmentHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

Named Lectures
Mises Memorial Lecture
Richard Ebeling, Foundation for Economic Education
"Austrian Economics and the Political Economy of Freedom"

Rothbard Memorial Lecture

Joseph Stromberg, Mises Institute

"Rothbard's Systematic Defense of Liberty"


Hazlitt Memorial Lecture

Sean Corrigan, Capital Insight

"Theory Meets Praxis: The Austrian Business Cycle Theory in Today's Economy"


Hayek Memorial Lecture

Toby Baxendale, London England

"Law v. Legislation: A Hayekian Entrepreneur in London"



8:00-8:45am  Shuttle from AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn to Mises every 15 min.

9:00-10:30 Book Signing and Discussion

  • Tom DiLorenzo: How Capitalism Saved America
  • Lew Rockwell: Speaking of Liberty
  • Mark Thornton: Tariffs, Blockades, and Inflation: The Economics of the Civil War
  • Hans Hoppe: The Myth of National Defense
  • Hunt Tooley: The Western Front: Battleground and Home Front in the First World War
  • Richard Ebeling: Austrian Economics and the Political Economy of Freedom
  • Randall Holcombe: From Liberty to Democracy: The Transformation of American Democracy
10:30-11:30: Lecture
  • "Capitalism, Cuba, and Castro: A Report from Recent Travels," with Yuri N. Maltsev (Carthage College)
11:30-1:00 Lunch on your own
11:30: Shuttle from Mises to AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn
12:30: Shuttle from AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn to Mises
1:00-2:45pm Forum: "Free Trade: The Current Debate" with Paul Craig Roberts and commentators.  Moderator: Randall Holcombe (Florida State University)   
3:00-4:30: SESSIONS
A. Capital Markets, Real Estate, and Housing.  Chairs:  Jeff Scott (Wells Fargo) Kevin Duffy (Bearing Asset Management)
B. Law and Economics.  Chair: Jeffrey M. Herbener (Grove City College)
  • "The Logic of (Social) Action: Austrian Praxeology as Law-and-Economics Proper" Josef Sima (Prague School of Economics)
  • "Property, Causality, and Liability" Hans-Hermann Hoppe (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
  • "Private and Public Prisons: The Impossibility of State Justice" Daniel J. D'Amico (Loyola University New Orleans)
5:00-6:00 The Henry Hazlitt Memorial Lecture: Sean Corrigan (Capital Insight): "Theory Meets Praxis: The Austrian Business Cycle Theory in Today's Economy"
6:00-7:00: Reception
7:00: Shuttle from Mises to AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn
FRIDAY March 19
8:00 and 8:15am  Shuttle from AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn to Mises
8:30-10:00am SESSIONS
A. Theory and Method.  Chair:  Hans-Hermann Hoppe  (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
B. Business Cycle Theory.  Chair: Joseph Salerno (Pace University)
  • "The Cluster of Entrepreneurial Errors: Cyclical Malinvestment at the Firm Level" Rich Grimm (Grove City College)
  • "Accounting for the Business Cycle: Nominal Price Rigidities, Factor Heterogeneity, and Austrian Capital Theory" Robert Mulligan (Western Carolina University)
  • "Rationality and Austrian Business Cycle Theory" Brian Simpson (National University)
C. Science and Markets.  Chair: William L. Anderson
  • "The Entrepreneurial Character of Science" Allan Walstad (University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown)
  • "Science and Market as Adaptive Classifying Systems" Thomas McQuade (New York University)
  • Commentator

10:15-11:45am SESSIONS

A. Capital Markets.  Chair: Rich Grimm (Grove City College)

  • "The Evolution of Business Markets: Perspectives of New Austrian Capital Theory" Michael Ehret (Free University of Berlin)
  • ""Capital in Disequilibrium: An Austrian Approach to Recession and Recovery" John P. Cochran and Noah Yetter (Metropolitan State College, Denver)
  • "A Defense of the Traditional Austrian Theory of Interest" Paul Cwik (Mises Institute)

B. The Political Economy of Education.  Chair: Peter G. Klein (University of Missouri)

  • "Robert Lewis Dabney and the Case for 'Trickle-Down' Education" Barry Simpson (University of South Alabama)
  • "Extramural Education, An Interim Plan: From State Schooling to Free-Market Alternatives" Linda Schrock Taylor (The Learning Clinic)
  • Comments by Mark Brandly (Ferris State University)

C. Deflation in Theory and Policy. Chair: Jörg Guido Hülsmann

11:45-1:00 Lunch on your own

11:45am  Shuttle from Mises to AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn

12:30pm  Shuttle from AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn to Mises

1:00-2:30pm SESSIONS

A. Pricing, Management, Entrepreneurship.  Chair: Mark Brandly (Ferris State University)

B. Austrian School History.  Chair: Shawn Ritenour (Grove City College)

  • "Richard Cantillon: The Discover of Opportunity Cost" Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)
  • "1922: The Watershed Year For Mises and Hayek Theory of Society" Shigeki Tomo (Kyoto-Sangyo University)
  • "Eugen von Boehm-Bawerk's Place in the Development of Austrian Economics" Joseph Salerno (Pace University)
  • "Keynes, Hazlitt, and Managed Currency"   Jude Blanchette (Foundation for Economic Education)

C. Political Philosophy and Libertarianism.  Chair: Jeffrey M. Herbener  (Grove City College)

  • "Against the Red Moloch: Vladimir Jabotinsky's Liberalism" Myles Kantor (Pureplay Press.)
  • "Liberty and Morality" Tibor Machan (Chapman University)
  • "The Classical Liberal Doctrine of States Rights" Thomas DiLorenzo (Loyola College, Maryland)
  • Commentator: David Gordon (Mises Review)

3:00-4:30pm SESSIONS

A. Business Economics.  Chair:  William L. Anderson (Frostburg State University)

  • "The Effect of Antitrust Laws on the Growth of the Newspaper Industry" William L. Anderson (Frostburg State University) and Amit Shah (Frostburg State University)
  • "Profit Management, Easement Costs, and Price Discrepancies" Joseph Calandro, Jr. (University of Connecticut)
  • "Matchstick Man: The Business Empire of Ivar Kreuger" Jeff Scott and Sven Thommesen (Auburn University)  

B. Economies of Development and Transition.   Chair: Jörg Guido Hülsmann

  • "Vietnam in Transition: Lange or Mises?" Manh Cuong Nguyen
  • "Economic Theory of Sustainability: Its Foundational Errors and a Restatement of Valid Principles" John Brätland(US Department of the Interior)
  • "Isabel Paterson and the Development of Free Nations" Richard O. Hammer (Free Nation Foundation)
  • "Iraq as a Battlefield of Ideas: A Response to Naomi Klein" John Passalaqua(University of Illinois at Chicago)

C. What Have We Learned from Empirical Measures of Economic Freedom?  Chair:  Thomas DiLorenzo (Loyola College, Maryland)

  • "Introduction to Economic Freedom of the World," James Gwartney (Florida State University)
  • "Methodology and Data: Empirical Findings" Robert A. Lawson (Capital University)
  • "Response to Paul Crag Roberts' Criticisms of Empirical Measures of Economic Freedom" Walter Block (Loyola University)

5:00-6:00pm Ludwig von Mises Memorial Lecture: RICHARD EBELING (Foundation for Economic Education): "Austrian Economics and the Political Economy of Freedom"

6:00pm Reception

6:45pm Piano concert and Mises-Kreis Lieder: Songs from the interwar Mises Circle, in new English translations, presented for the first time this evening and sung by Mises Institute staff and attendees of the ASC. 

6:30-8:00pm  Shuttles from Mises to AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn every half hour


8:00 and 8:15am  Shuttle from AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn to Mises

8:30-9:15am: Lou Church Memorial Lecture in Religion and Economics: Thomas Woods (Suffolk Community College): "The Trouble with Catholic Social Teaching"

9:30-11:00am SESSIONS

A. Austrian Evaluations of Coasian Economics.  Chair: Walter Block (Loyola University New Orleans)

  • "Coase and the Theory of the Firm" Peter G. Klein (University of Missouri)
  • "Coase and Social Costs" Roy Cordato (John Locke Foundation)
  • "Coase on the Lighthouse" Walter Block (Loyola University New Orleans)
  • "Coase, Crime, and Law" Larent Carnis

B. Studies on Religion. Chair: Shawn Ritenour (Grove City College)

C. Liberty, Finance, and Banking.  Chair:  William L. Anderson (Frostburg State University)

11:15am-12:15pm F.A. Hayek Memorial Lecture: TOBY BAXENDALE (London): "Law v. Legislation: A Hayekian Entrepreneur in London"

12:15-1:00: Lunch on your own

12:15pm  Shuttle from Mises to AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn

12:45pm  Shuttle from AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn to Mises

1:00-2:30pm SESSIONS

A. World War I: The Other War that Never Ends.  Chair: Richard Ebeling (FEE)

  • "World War I: The Recent Literature" Ralph Raico (SUNY College, Buffalo)
  • "The Political Ideas Behind World War I" Joseph Stromberg (Mises Institute)
  • "The War for Democracy that Never Ends" Paul Gottfried (Elizabethtown College)
  • "Merchants of Death Revisted: Armaments, Bankers, and the First World War" Hunt Tooley (Austin College)

B. Economic History. Chair: Jeffrey M. Herbener  (Grove City College)

  • "The Clearinghouse Role of the Suffolk Bank" Karen Palasek (Peace College)
  • "Free Banking in Sweden, 1830-1903: Experience and Debate" Erik Lakomaa (Stockholm School of Economics)
  • "The Sherman Act: Fabrication of a Predator" Erich Mattei (Loyola University of New Orleans)
  • "The Interpretation of the Causes of the Black Death in History Survey Texts" Frank Williams (Reinhardt College)

3:00-4:30pm SESSIONS

A. Knowledge, Property, and Society. Chair: Jeffrey M. Herbener (Grove City College)

  • "The Use of Knowledge about Society: The Wittman/Stigler Claims about Democratic Efficiency" Doug MacKenzie (Ramapo College)
  • "Government Theft: The Taking of Private Property to Benefit the Favored Few" Roy Whitehead (University of Central Arkansas) and Walter Block (Loyola University New Orleans) 
  • "The Growth of Knowledge in Society" Randall Holcombe (Florida State University)

B. The Size and Scope of Government. Chair: Mark Brandly (Ferris State University)

4:30 and 4:45pm  Shuttles from Mises to AU Hotel/Heart of Auburn

6:00pm Reception at Dixon Conference Center of Auburn University Hotel
7:00pm Dinner: Awarding of the O.P. Alford III Prize for Libertarian Scholarship

Murray N. Rothbard Memorial Lecture: JOSEPH STROMBERG (Mises Institute): "Rothbard's Systematic Defense of Liberty"


Publicity Waiver: Registering for this event gives the Mises Institute permission to take photos of attendees and use the photos for fundraising purposes. By this authorization, attendees understand and agree that no participant shall receive remuneration and that all rights, title and interest to the photos and use of them belongs to the Mises Institute.

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