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What the Ford?


Ford is busy touting the latest Consumer Reports ratings. It is entirely understandable. Ford (F) managed to achieve an expected reliability rating of “average or better than average” for 90% of its vehicles by 2010. Contrast this with GM’s pitiful 44% of vehicles achieving the same rating and Chrysler’s abysmal 38%. Sure there are claims of some funny business going on with Ford’s ranking but the CR report is the best thing we currently have.

With this information in mind, consider that GM and Chrysler have already taken billions from the federal government and are asking for even more. Also consider that Ford hasn’t taken any government money! It seems rather strange that Ford is not using this in their advertisements. Given the number of people who are upset with the bailouts and the number of people who insist on buying American, it seems that being the only American car company that has yet to receive any money would be a great selling point. Not only are they the only American car company to rank in the top 10 automakers, but they are also the only one not to have robbed the taxpayer. So why have there been no advertisements pointing out this simple fact?

Briggs Armstrong holds a degree in accounting from Auburn University.

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