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The Treasury: Making Money The Old-Fashioned Way Since (Before) 1913


As far as I can tell, in the image below, the Treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing appears to be bragging about its supposed engraving and design skills in a lighthearted fashion, independent of economic theory. For the proponent of sound money, however, this must be regarded as unintentionally comical in a different way: Writes DS:

I went to the free admission day at the American Numismatics Association show on Saturday here in Atlanta.  Along with great displays of REAL money there was the US Treasury and their propaganda booth.  Along with the usual infographics of how the Fed stabilizes the economy, etc. they had this HUGE banner displayed prominently at the center of their booth.  I almost burst out laughing.  Glad I didn't get arrested taking a picture.  I was wearing my "Stabilization is Chaos" shirt with the great Hayek quote (got a few very positive comments and a lot of "I love that Mises site" mentions).
Treasury Department Banner ANA Show 03012014


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