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Stop quoting Bastiat!


In the wake of the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina there have been a lot of people who has tried to deny the beneficial effects of this by quoting the classic essay "What is seen and what is not seen". But that's wrong, we shouldn't listen to Bastiat,after all he's French (FRENCH!!!!). And had Americans listened to the French then the U.S. Government wouldn't have started the Iraq war. We must never forget how America was attacked on 9/11 by Islamists and therefore it was absolutely imperative that we eliminated Saddam Hussein's regime who after all had a habit of killing Islamists and instead give Iraqis the freedom to vote for a Islamist government.

Only a frogeater could come up with the America-hating idea that giving Iraqis the freedom to create a Islamist government wasn't the right response to the Islamist attack on America. Similarly, only a frogeater could come up with the idea that destroying wealth isn't the best way to create it. But why wait for Mother Nature's random acts of destruction to help get the economy going? Why waste the expertise that the U.S. government has in the area of destruction?

So, to help kickstart the economy we should evacuate all major urban areas and then unleash a massive dose of B-1 bombers, F-16 fighters and Cruise missiles and reduce all cities to rubble. Just think of the unprecedented construction boom this would help create! And then after the cities have been rebuilt, we could again evacuate the cities and destroy them again and so on in a endless cycle of first building cities and then destroying them so as to ensure that the construction boom will be sustained forever! Moreover, unlike the destruction created by hurricanes, this would also create jobs in the bomb manufacturing industry. And we sure shouldn't let some America-hating frogeater stop us from implementing this guaranteed path to prosperity.

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