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Review of Mises University


I just finished the Mises University program, and give my fullest and most complimentary endorsement.In addition to being extremely knowledgeable, all of the professors were good lecturers, and were very approachable. A week spent in this program is well worth it. You get to meet some of the best professors in economics, business, and philosophy.

Aside from the rigorous logical character of the lectures, the professors placed a few well-chosen moments of humor into the lectures. The lectures were spaced out very well, with 15 minutes between them, a 1 hour lunch-break, and a 1 hour dinner break. Furthermore, all of the students at the Mises University were very intelligent; just the opportunity to meet other dedicated, intelligent people makes the program worthwhile.

The Mises Institute treats all of the students very well. Despite what one would guess from the name "dorm", the dorms at the Commons Dormatory are large (Commons is about 15 minutes away from the Mises Institute, walking). The breakfests provided to the students at Commons were excellent, as were the meals served at the Mises Institute (they even had German potato salad).

The Mises Institute facilities are excellent, with modern computers and a huge array of books on almost every topic even tangentally related to economics. For example, Benjamin Graham's classics, Security Analysis and The Intellient Investor, were them. Along with, of course, the Austrian books, there were also books on topics ranging from feminism to chaos theory.

There is a lovely garden in the back of the Institute, and a nice study area there. The Mises Institute even gave away complimentary literature and books.

I would like to thank the Mises Institute for the opportunity I was given to attend the Mises University. I would also like to thank all of the staff of the institute, such as Jeffery Tucker. And I would like to thank the professors who offered to spend their time at the Mises Institute.

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