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Perhaps the Silliest Comment Yet on the Summers Flap

Though there are undoubtedly many candidates. Excerpts from a letter in today's Wall Street Journal, by Professor Luis Suarez-Villa of the School of Social Ecology at UC-Irvine:
Harvard President Larry Summers is now discovering what many economists find out to their dismay when they venture out of the old-boy network that is American economics. Musings that are considered "normal" among economists tend to be regarded as insensitive or even prejudiced in many other disciplines. At the root of his remarks is the fact that Mr. Summers's thinking is grounded in a discipline that has little sense of fairness and moral obligation, where discriminatory situations are often accepted as the result of Darwinian mechanisms that should be left untouched. Mr. Summers could have blamed his training in economics for his insensitive remarks, based on the discipline's inability to understand fairness and shed its pseudo-scientific ways.

Peter G. Klein is Carl Menger Research Fellow of the Mises Institute and W. W. Caruth Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Baylor University's Hankamer School of Business.

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