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Is Niall Ferguson reading Mises.org

December 6, 2009

Niall Ferguson the famous Harvard historian appears to be reading Mises.org. Not only is his Newsweek article painfully realistic regarding the prospects for the American Empire, but he also quotes Paul Krugman–the exact same quote that Ben Lee dug up and published on Mises.org.
From page 3-4 of Ferguson:

Now, who said the following? “My prediction is that politicians will eventually be tempted to resolve the [fiscal] crisis the way irresponsible governments usually do: by printing money, both to pay current bills and to inflate away debt. And as that temptation becomes obvious, interest rates will soar.”

Seems pretty reasonable to me. The surprising thing is that this was none other than Paul Krugman, the high priest of Keynesianism, writing back in March 2003.

There seem to be other similarities between the two articles.

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