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Mises.org goes open source


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The incredible popularity of the Mises Institute's website is due mainly to the great content it contains, but no one would know about all that content without the software behind it. While I wrote the content management system for Mises.org, I couldn't have done it without the ideas and sample code provided by the developer community. In recognition of this, I will be making much of the website available as open-source projects, beginning with the DotTag tagging framework. If you're a .Net developer, you're welcome to use the code, or join the project and contribute to its development. For future projects and updates, be sure to subscribe to the Mises Tech blog.

David Veksler is the principal architect of Liberty.me and FreeCapitalists.org. He is also a software architect for Education First in Shanghai, China. He was the principal architect of Mises.org from 2004-2014.

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