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Help Us Make "The Free Market" Even Better


Now in its 31st year, the Mises Institute’s monthly newsletter, The Free Market, is expanding into a longer, more diverse publication with more articles and interviews, plus Institute Alumni news, and the latest news from our Donors, Members, and Faculty. We’re now seeking submissions of various sorts including featured articles, movie reviews, book reviews, and one-to-four-panel comics. Over the past three decades, authors like Ron Paul, Walter Block, Tom Woods and Robert Higgs have written for the pages of The Free Market.  Through the 1980s and until his death, The Free Market was home to some of Murray Rothbard’s most entertaining and informative new articles, and many of them now appear in the compilation Making Economic Sense. You can be part of this tradition. Please send submissions to editor Ryan McMaken at rwmcmaken@mises.org. Articles should contain fewer than 1,000 words and should not have footnotes or endnotes. Short book and film reviews under 750 words are very welcome.

We’re also interested in finding out more about what our Donors, Members, and Alumni are doing. Donors, Members, Alumni, and Faculty are invited to write us with your news, successes, photos, and (scholarly and non-scholarly) publications at updates@mises.org.

If you’ve been part of Mises University, our Fellowship Program, a Rothbard Graduate Seminar, or one of our High-School Seminars, brag to us about your many successes at updates@mises.org. Please include what program you attended, and when.


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