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"End Liberty NOW!"


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A scan of this morning's newspapers reveals that the Global Platonic Republic is about to launch a new campaign to fund its dangerous Collectivist ambitions on the broadest possible scale.

Cleverly, it has hit upon a one-two solution of undertaking a cynical expoitation of the economically-illiterate Bono-Geldorf generation's anti-poverty wristband sloganeering, even as it plays on the scientifically-bewildered Soccer Moms' angst-ridden ache to "Save the Planet" from the supposed depradations of their own monster 4x4, hyperconsumer shopping-wagons.

But, the new Saint-Simonians will not just invite us to pay extra global "sin" taxes, like benighted peasants queuing up to buy indulgences from the Pardoner. More fiendishly, the grafting Corporatists who comprise hoi Phyllakes have realised that they will garner even more support in their endeavours to deny personal liberty on a planetary dimension by keeping the Money Trust firmly onside.

This they will achieve by the Machiavellian means of offering the juicy prospect of a whole host of lucrative new trading and securitization schemes, generously stuffed with tax-payer supported largesse to be earned by the funny-money zillionaires financing the new green Utopia.

Does this seem far-fetched?

Possibly, but how else do we explain the 'coincidence' of the NWO's poster boy, Bill Clinton, elevating the fiction of "Global Warming" to the status of Public Enemy No.1 at Davos; UK PM (Pseudo-Messiah) Antoine RobespiBlaire casting aside his recent bout of climate realism with a whole-hearted endorsement of a true "State of Fear" report from "the world's leading scientists" (sic); and a new brain-wave from the UN Development Programme that an associated $7 trillion slice of financial engineering will deliver us not to a land, but a whole wide world, of milk and honey and so usher in the new Millennium?

HG Wells must be grinning on his infernal griddle!

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